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If Bitcoin Is Like The New Gold – Then Markethive Is The New Golden Goose

If Bitcoin Is Like The New Gold – Then Markethive Is The New Golden Goose

According to the WSJ the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can now be equated to gold bullion. Data is showing there is now a strong correlation between bitcoin and traditional asset markets. BTC is going from strength to strength regardless of the mainstream media touting that it is dying. It has been “killed” over 90 times in 2018 alone. Even when we saw bitcoin surge from $1000 in January 2017 to $20,000 in December 2017, it “died” 125 times. As we look deeper into what’s happening behind the negativity and FUD, the technology and new way of transacting is proving to be easing its way into the mainstream. 


Freelancers/Entrepreneurs using Cryptocurrency is on the Rise

Cryptocurrency is becoming extremely popular among the self-employed. It’s appealing and advantageous as it negates the need for intermediaries for payment of services, including international transactions which are typically slow and expensive. Freelancers are also attracted to this new payment system as it assists them in dealing with clients they don’t know. It eliminates the trust factor making the transaction more secure and successful. Additionally, the decentralization of blockchain technology integrated with a freelancers platform, allows the power and freedom to be given back to the users ensuring no one can access their data without their permission. This is a new era with the evolution of technology. It is the next generation.


The Poster Child of the Next Generation – Markethive

The Markethive system is a Market Network, it’s like a Social Network, but with powerful inbound marketing tools integrated into the system. Built on the blockchain makes it secure, encrypted, decentralized and autonomous. Designed for the entrepreneur or freelancer as the platform includes comprehensive e-commerce portals for conducting business:

  1. BeeLancers – open freelancer commerce platform (In development)

  2. Markethive Exchange – For coin transactions (In Development)

  3. a source for creative work, music, voice, copy, video, design (Coming soon) 


Fuelled with Markethive’s own consumer coin, this creates a complete ecosystem with potential prospects on tap, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


The Whole Kit and Caboodle

This premier hybrid social network includes news feeds, blogging platforms, video channels, groups, image sharing, resume, profile page, along with the peer to peer commerce. But more than a social network, Markethive has already delivered proven quality “Inbound Marketing Tools” which are up and running now, such as blogging platform, broadcasting, capture pages, lead funnels, autoresponders, self-replicating group tools, traffic analytics and more. How much would you expect to pay for all of these features? 

Notably, Markethive was recognized as the first Market Network back in 2015 by TechCrunch. Now with the introduction and implementation of blockchain technology, this has made Markethive a world first of its kind.  

As of January 2019, Markethive has commenced the Infinity Airdrops to all new free subscribers, a tutorial system that pays you to learn and a social network that rewards you with the MHV coin for all activities on the platform. As it’s on par with Marketo, the Inbound Marketing system alone would cost around $2000/mth or more without the added benefits of the blockchain and universal income. The best part is this system is predominantly free, however, it gets incredibly better with the Entrepreneur Upgrade for $100/mth. On offer for a short time, this gives you the ability to accumulate shares in the company, which will pay 20% of the profits for the period of a lifetime. This is called the Incentivized Loan Program ™ (ILP).

Markethive is dedicated to your dreams and not only has spent over 20 years perfecting the systems but have built this Entrepreneur upgrade to accelerate your path to success. 

The 8 points of upgrade
    1. Profile Page turns into lead “associates” capture page
    2. 100% matching bonus from the airdrops via your “associates”
    3. 10% matching bonus from your direct “associates” upgrade
    4. Loyalty Program 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP
    5. Unlimited Banner advertisement in all of our traffic portals
    6. Equal share from Markethive’s co-op advertising
    7. Traffic Portals seller classification
    8. Receive your own ILP site receive matching ILP shadow shares



The Goose That Keeps Laying Golden Eggs

Markethive is establishing multiple sources of revenue, including a variety of altcoins, fiat currency, mining hives, the Entrepreneur program, and commerce portals. It is and will not be dependent upon speculative value as is the case with other cryptocurrencies and platforms, thereby creating eternal economic velocity in the entrepreneur ecosystem within Markethive.

This means Markethive is not consuming its coins. The Markethive Coin {MHV) is being utilized within the Markethive exchange by way of airdrops and the faucet system which rewards associates using the platform, so the coin is used within the commerce of the system thus creating the velocity. The revenue is a vehicle that is used to buy the Markethive coin back in the free market so it can be redistributed into the economic vortex of the system. This is a fundamental difference to the other systems currently out there today.  Therefore Markethive is the goose that continually lays golden eggs. The other systems are just the egg. 

The Markethive system has been developed to produce revenue in the traditional sense with the added benefits of the blockchain taking it to the next level.

Not only are Markethive’s inbound marketing tools free to utilize for your business, you actually get paid for learning and using the system. Markethive embraces gamification thus making it fun and more rewarding by way of the loyalty and bounty program, so not only are you gaining quality leads and customers for your business, you are creating extra income, brand and personal presence in the one and only Ecosystem For Entrepreneurs – Markethive 


ecosystem for entrepreneurs



Deb Williams
Market Manager for Markethive, a global Market Network, and Writer for the Crypto/Blockchain Industry. Also a strong advocate for technology, progress, and freedom of speech.  I embrace "Change" with a passion and my purpose in life is to help people understand, accept and move forward with enthusiasm to achieve their goals. 



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