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Stuart Trusty And Augmented Reality Meets Markethive

Stuart Trusty And Augmented Reality Meets Markethive

Who Is Stuart Trusty?

Stuart Trusty was the original technologist for Alibaba and mentored Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. He is a man of many talents with a humanitarian philosophy towards technology and what can be achieved with blockchain and ultimately leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs without centralized supply chains. 

Stuart was the CEO of Linux Labs for many years, an early proponent of mesh networking technologies and operated the 3rd ISP at VBN. He has had numerous high profile technology clients and currently the founder of WorldBit, an Augmented Reality based blockchain eCommerce system.  

WorldBit CEO Stuart Trusty said,

"As the e-commerce marketplace has become increasingly tilted to favor large scale producers, the ability of small buyers and sellers to compete in the market has been greatly diminished. WorldBit levels the e-commerce playing field by harnessing the power of blockchain to bring more transparency in a decentralized platform that allows entrepreneurs to compete on equal footing with established businesses."

WorldBit is an immersive AR (Augmented Reality) eCommerce experience for businesses and individuals and offers extended capabilities to legacy ecommerce companies, but without centralized supply chains, excessive fees, or exposure of buyers to risky transactions. It enables merchants, makers, and consumers to engage in legal commerce without the need for banks, middlemen, or a centralized structure. 

The WorldBit platform makes every user their own Alibaba, their own leasing company, their own Amazon, their own eBay, their own rental company, and it creates a user family wherein WorldBit functions as a kind of pawnshop wherein the user maintains control over their goods until a transaction is completed in a novel augmented reality environment. 

In September Stuart Trusty attended the Wyoming Hackathon where he met with Thomas Prendergast, CEO, and founder of Markethive and it became evident the augmented reality interface could be put to great use within our Storefronts here at Markethive. This serves to create exciting interactive experiences with you as the store owner and the customer. 

In an augmented reality setting you can walk out the front of your storefront to greet the customer. These engaging AR displays can enhance your product and marketing campaigns with the next level of personal interaction and excitement that will delight the customer. 

This video shows just one short example of a complete augmented reality setting. Imagine standing outside of your storefront! Thomas Prendergast explains it succinctly…

There is no real limit to the way Markethive can build the interface as we move forward with Bee Lancer and the group storefronts that will have this augmented reality built into them.


At Markethive, we have automated and managed advertising and marketing campaigns. We can set up Co-ops and automate members' contributions and shares to any particular campaign.  Build contribution blogging among groups and reward activity with a smart rotator. And now looking forward to integrating augmented reality into our Storefronts. This is really the next level!

But it doesn’t end there. Create a massive reach with our WordPress plugin and our SNAP (social network auto poster) Department. Reward your members with waited traffic and leads based upon their engagement within the group. Also, track and monitor 3rd party article submissions and Press releases. Additionally, build backlinks and monitor with Markethive’s exclusive data matrix display tracking system. 

Anything you do in Markethive, whether it be to promote Markethive as your business or a completely separate and private business, you are receiving Markethive Coin (MHV) as a reward for your efforts. Now is the time to accumulate as much coin as you can and be ready for the launch of our wallet. Think about becoming an Entrepreneur 1 Upgrade as it will be the last thing you ever need to do to secure your future. 

Be sure to attend the Markethive weekly meetings held on Sundays at 10 am Mountain Time to hear all the latest news and updates from CEO Thomas Prendergast and CTO Douglas Yates. The link to the Zoom Room can be found in the calendar on the home page at Markethive. 


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