Monday, 20 Sep 2021
Tag: KanyeWest

KANYE WEST – The Road To Renewal

KANYE WEST – The Road To Renewal Continuing on from Part 1 of Kanye West’s Journey, for over a decade long, the artistic genius went on to successfully create hit albums of a variety of music genres that were critically acclaimed, polarizing, influential and captivating, earning him the reputation of “America’s favorite bad boy”. West […]

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Kanye West His Journey Authenticity vs Controversy

Kanye West His Journey  Authenticity vs Controversy  Who Is Kanye West? Kanye West is a Grammy Award-winning Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Entrepreneur. With a keen interest in designing and fashion, he also released his fashion label “Yeezy”, clothing and footwear apparel. His music has jumped from being a sensation to very much in demand […]

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